FiWize Auto Loan Support

Support Information
  • 01. How do I submit my driver’s license?

    We require a clear and legible image of your valid driver’s license. If there is a co-signer or co-borrower on the loan, we’ll need a scan of his or her driver’s license as well. You can take the image using your smartphone camera or via a scan and upload it to our secure loan processing portal.

  • 02. Can I use a co-signer?

    Yes. A co-signer is subject to all the same terms and conditions as you.

  • 03. How do I provide proof-of-insurance?

    We require an image of your current insurance card or policy statement. This document should show your name and address, the VIN, make, and model of your current vehicle, your coverage summary and policy effective dates, and the name and address of your insurance company. You can upload it to our secure loan processing portal.

  • 04. What does my Vehicle Service Contract cover?

    We offer Vehicle Service Contracts from one of the most respected providers of such contracts in America. They offer a range of mechanical breakdown coverage and terms at various price points. Your loan consultant can advise you further on the options.

  • 05. What is GAP coverage?

    GAP, which is the abbreviated term for Guaranteed Asset Protection, sometimes referred to as a debt cancellation waiver, covers the difference between your loan balance and insurance proceeds in the event of a total loss of your vehicle. With GAP coverage, you won’t be out-of-pocket to pay off the vehicle loan balance should a total loss occur. We offer this from a third party provider. Certain terms and conditions apply.

  • 06. I didn’t receive my documents.

    Call us at 877-4FIWIZE or send an email to support@fiwize.com.

F&I Services

Carefully chosen third-party providers, with whom we’ve contracted, provide a variety of aftermarket finance and insurance products.  These products can give you “peace of mind” in the event of mechanical breakdown, exposure to excess loan payoff amount not covered by your insurance in case of total loss of your vehicle, and coverage of certain charges due to your vehicle’s condition at the end of your loan should you return your vehicle to the lender.

All of these products are optional and are not required to obtain financing through FiWize.  Your loan consultant will make you aware of these products and how they can benefit you.