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As a mom of 4 kids, I drive a ton. I wanted a 2018 Toyota Highlander, but there were no good lease deals that would allow high mileage. So, I tried FiWize. I got my Highlander and I can drive the miles I need AND I got a monthly payment I can actually afford! It was a pretty quick process too!

Betsy P.

I financed a Dodge Durango 3 years ago.  I looked for refinancing deals, but I had to extend a loan 5 more years to get a lower payment (even with a better credit score!). FiWize found an auto loan for me with lower monthly payments plus a shorter term.

Jeff E.

I bought a used Lexus IS (2013) from a dealer and financed it through FiWize. I have lower payments than the dealer’s financing and with the $80 a month I’m saving, it pays for my gas each month!

Dave E.

I leased a 2014 Chevy Camaro and went over my 12,000­ mile limit. I wanted to keep the car (but not pay the mileage penalty!), so I financed with FiWize. I kept the same monthly payment as my lease and didn’t pay mileage fees.

Mark J.

I can’t say enough about FiWize: they have been phenomenal! My lease buy-out payment went down by a hundred bucks a month AND I got to keep the car I love. FiWize, WELL DONE. Thank you so much for your help–it’s restored my faith that it’s possible to do business with integrity.

Jolene H.

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