Lease Buyout Auto Loans

Wondering what your cost might be on lease buyout auto loans? You’re not alone! Use the lease buyout calculator below to get an estimate in a few quick seconds and then see if you pre-qualify!

How Low Can My Car Loan Payments Really Go?
It’s quick and free to find out. Chat, call or submit a request for a personalized estimate before applying (no impact to your credit score):

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These calculated lease buyout auto loan payments are estimates. Your payment may vary depending upon your circumstances. Factors which are not considered in the calculator but do determine an actual payment include, but are not limited to, the following: 1) Your vehicle, its age, and current odometer; 2) Your creditworthiness and capacity to pay; 3) Annual mileage option selected for the FiWize loan; 4) Your vehicle’s future value; and 5) Interest rate determined on your loan.  Not all applicants and/or their vehicles will qualify.  Other lease buyout auto loan terms may be available. Please submit your information for FiWize to determine an actual payment quote for your individual situation.

Note: FiWize payment assumes a 5.99% interest rate and a vehicle depreciation rate of 1.5% monthly on a declining balance from a current value that is 90% of your lease buyout price. It includes a $595 origination fee automatically added to the new amount financed. Conventional payment assumes a 4.99% interest rate.