Investor Relations

FiWize is a privately-held, fast-growing FinTech company headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona.  We provide automotive financing to consumers—a different kind of financing, because we’re a different kind of company!  FiWize loans make our customers smile!

And if you’re really curious, here’s the scoop:  FiWize is our tradename, a clever corporate moniker of sorts.  Our legal company name is Residual Finance Partners, Inc., a Delaware corporation.  Serious investors put some serious money behind us; and no, we won’t disclose their names nor how much they invested, so don’t ask.  That much is private.

We’re not entirely sure why we have this section on the website.  Every other FinTech website has one so we thought it best to follow suit.  And if you want to invest in us, we’ll listen.  No promises we’ll get back to you quickly…

…we’re busy helping our customers save money!

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