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You'll Smile Too When You Auto Finance Through FiWize!

FiWize auto loans are perfect for people looking for low monthly payments. Do you want to finance a new or used car purchase, buy your current leased car, or refinance an existing auto loan? You’re in the right place. You won’t believe the monthly payment savings. Click below for a quick, no obligation estimate!

FiWize Low Payment Car Loan Options

FiWize offers auto loan options to suit your personal financing needs. What kind of options? Low payment ones of course! Let’s take a look:

FiWize Conventional Loans

These are the kind of loans that you are likely familiar with if you have financed a car before. You make equal monthly payments on the loan throughout the entire term of the loan until it’s fully paid down to a zero balance. Of course, you can always sell or trade your vehicle at any time to pay off the loan balance before the loan ends. With a variety of loan terms to choose from, FiWize will find you the best possible rate and lowest monthly payment within our exclusive lender network.

FiWize Value Plus Loans

Our most innovative loan that you likely won’t find elsewhere. These loans have EVEN lower monthly payments PLUS... they have a "walk away" option once the loan balance has been paid down to a certain point (timing depends upon terms you select). You then decide if you want to keep your car and pay the remaining loan amount, or simply return the car to the lender without paying the loan balance! And you can sell or trade your vehicle at any time! All great options!

Which Auto Loan Is Right For Me?

Simply provide some basic information about your financing needs and your car. Then FiWize will evaluate the options and provide you with a loan estimate that will bring you the most payment savings potential.  We’re happy to talk through the options at any time. At FiWize, we make it easy!

FiWize Auto Loans stickman frequently asked questions

Have Questions? Great. We Have Answers.

Prefer to speak to a human? Call us any time. Chat? We’d love that! We’re happy to walk you through loan options and the financing process. Still have questions? Check out our FAQs or read more about our process.