Buying Out A Lease Has Never Been Easier.
Keep The Car You love!

If you want to buy your current leased car, you’re in the right place.  At FiWize, we make buying out a lease simple. Get a quick estimate before you apply. Some people end up paying even less than what they do today!  We’ll send you the very best quote from our network of lenders (remember, you don’t need to use your original lessor) and there is no impact to your credit score, so go ahead and have some fun… see if your monthly payments can go even lower from what you pay today!

Some FiWize Lease Buyout Loans Have a "Walk Away Guarantee"!

How does it work? You’ll pay LOW monthly payments. Then, once your loan balance reaches a certain point, you decide if you want to keep your car or return it to the lender! The choice is yours.

If you prefer to buyout your lease with a conventional loan without a guarantee, we offer those as well!

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Buying Out A Car Lease With FiWize is Easy

Tell us about your needs- we'll find the right car financing for you from our network of lenders

We send the very best offer from our lender network- you decide if you like it and want to move forward

We'll help you with the simple lease buyout process. You'll love the low payments!

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Don't Wait, Get Your Estimate Today.

Click, call or chat. Prefer to text, just let us know. To get started, send us some information about the auto lease buyout loan you are looking for.