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Buying a new or used vehicle? Refinancing? Or buying your current leased car? We’ve got you covered.  There’s no impact to your credit score to get an initial offer. Plus it’s quick and easy to do! FiWize is best for financing vehicle model years 2012 or newer, loan amounts of $7,500 or higher, and vehicles with under 100,000 miles.

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FiWize specializes in providing auto financing with low monthly payments by tapping into our exclusive lender network. Plus, we offer some ultra low payment loans that you won’t readily find elsewhere.

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We’ll walk you through the financing process from start to finish. We’ll even work with your existing lender for refinancing and lease buyout loans.  Your vehicle will be financed in no time.

FiWize Offers a "Walk Away" Auto Loan!

Yes. We Love Options and Think You Will Too!

FiWize offers great, low payment Conventional auto loans with a wide range of terms! But that's not all, we also offer Value Plus auto loans, which you won't find everywhere. Value Plus auto loans typically have very low auto payments AND they come with a Walk Away Guarantee, which can be used once the loan balance is paid down to a certain point (timing is based on loan terms you select).

About FiWize Auto Loans

A Guarantee? Yes. Once eligible, you simply choose to either:

a) Return the car to the lender. Walk away. No need to pay the remaining loan amount! OR...

b) Keep the car and pay the remaining loan balance (or refinance it if you prefer).

Low monthly auto loan payments will make your wallet happy, plus you get peace of mind knowing that you have a walk away option. Quite a deal!

Low Payments, An Easy Process... and Loan Options? Yes.

So which loan option is for you? Send us your information above and we’ll let you know which you may qualify for. It’s as simple as that. Have questions? We’re here to help. Just chat, call or email us any time.

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