About FiWize

FiWize delivers a sensible, cost-saving financing solution to borrowers who want lower monthly car payments, and without having to lease a vehicle. How do we do it? We work with selective lenders who participate in the FiWize residual based financing loan offering. Let’s face it: New and late-model used vehicles are pricey, and the monthly payments necessary to finance these cars, trucks, and SUVs have only increased. No one wants to pay more each month than they have to, yet the math on any conventional loan makes it such that the only way to lower the payment is to stretch out the loan term.

We asked ourselves if there could be a better way? A lower payment and a shorter loan term – without the rigidity of a lease?

A little bit of background.

Necessity is the mother of invention, the adage goes.
That was certainly true of FiWize.

Our founder – an experienced automotive executive – wanted to purchase his vehicle (a diesel Jeep Grand Cherokee) at the end of his lease. But to get to the same payment as his initial lease payment, he needed to finance the vehicle for 66 months! Crazy, he thought. His three-year-old SUV would be nearly nine years old by the time that conventional loan would be paid off! The light bulb went off – and he created FiWize soon after! Here we are, providing a car loan that lowers payments while shortening loan terms.

Oh, and by the way, it really works.

This financing delivers a very real pathway to lowering your monthly vehicle expense. Imagine what you could do with the savings. It could pay for your gas, your insurance, or a night on the town (but please drive sober!). And lest we forget to mention, the flexibility of ownership allows you to trade or sell at any time while enjoying shorter loans and favorable mileage terms.

And remember—it is not a lease. This financing brings a smile to your face. That’s how we roll!

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