Low Payment Auto Loans!

FiWize offers a variety of auto loan options, some of which are not even available elsewhere!  The savings on some loans are not trivial either. You could save hundreds of dollars each month with FiWize low payment auto loans.

Ready to see what your payment would be? Great! We’ll give you a quick estimate so you can decide if you want to apply. Don’t worry, there’s no credit score impact and no obligation.

Refinancing An Existing Auto Loan?

Why spend extra dollars each month for a car loan when you don’t have to?  Refinancing your current loan can bring monthly payment savings that can really add up. See how much you can save each month!

About FiWize Auto Loans

Buying Your Leased Car?

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It could be a great idea! Why? You already know your vehicle, its history and maintenance, and best of all, you might even be able to lower your monthly payment even more!

Purchasing A Vehicle From A Dealer?

Need a loan to finance your vehicle purchase from a dealership? You came to the right place. At FiWize, we have low payment loan options that may not even be available at your dealer!

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FiWize Offers More Low Payment Loan Options!

With FiWize you get more chances at significant payment savings since we offer a variety of loans to suit your personal financing needs! We like options and think you will too!